Women’s Health Massage

Womb and fertility massage is a therapeutic bodywork that aims to nourish reproductive and digestive organs, as well as the nervous system. These techniques are designed to have a positive impact on conception and fertility, pelvic pain, recovery from pregnancy and birth, digestive complaints and more.

This therapy works to enhance the function of muscles and joints, improve circulation and general body tone, and relieve mental and physical fatigue. Our massage therapist Jess Channon, uses The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy™ to combine a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan for your individual needs.


Jess’ treatments focus on fertility support, pregnancy and postnatal support, women’s health, menstrual cycle support and scar healing. The treatments can be beneficial for:

• Digestive disorders (indigestion, reflux, constipation, IBS)

• Menstrual disorders (painful/heavy/irregular periods/PMS)

• Pelvic organ congestion (endometriosis/fibroids and ovarian cysts)


• Fertility enhancement (natural and assisted)

• Preconception through to postpartum

• Pelvic organ prolapse

• Surgery recovery (caesarean, laparoscopic procedures)

• Menopause symptoms

Our Women's Health Massage Therapist

Jess Channon

Passionate about women’s health, Jess created Earthshine Village, to support and inspire women through their unique health journeys. Qualified in Arvigo Therapy®, Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy™, Pregnancy Massage and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, Jess uses her extensive knowledge to treat her clients and help them shine.

Find out more about Jess here.